Thursday, December 14, 2017

News December-14

Low Prims for fair Price by CJ Creations
~ enjoy my new Release ~
Design with Heart ♥
(Stop by + visit my Shop in SL + use the Vendor inside + outside)
And you'll find all in my Store at Marketplace
Hit's the newest first!

NEW ~ "CJ Christmas Candy + Drink Tray"
Cold Winter, warm Feelings cause its Christmastime
This Tray comes as Dispenser with tons of wonderful
Deco and diff. Drinks like Coffee, Choco, Eggnog or
sweet Candys like Caramel Apples or Cupcake
Auto Attachment for all by touch
Only 6 Prim/Li and all with the cute Standingplate
High in Detail and lovely Texture
100 % Mesh ~ enjoy and Happy Holidays ♥ 

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