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News March 29 b

NEW ~ "CJ Elegance Pergola + Planter" Full Set with:  Light on/off by touch
- cute Roses + Ivys around , all linked + with wonderful Texture
2 lovely Planter includet, all 100 % Mesh + high in detail ~ Enjoy ♥ ~ 

Get here the "CJ Elegance Pergola Set" in my Store at Marketplace

News March 29 a

NEW ~ "CJ Elegance Iron Patio Set" - Chair / Table Set + 2 pretty Planter
36 diff. high quality Animations for him/her with Props for work/hobby/drink + relax *14 diff. very nice Texture to change with Menu
- Table with lovely lace Texture and very nice diff. Props as Deco. Planter are incl.
Get here the "CJ Elegance Iron Patio Set" in my Store at Marketplace