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Post July 21

NEW  ~  "CJ Tray Watermelon Sunflower with animat. Bee "
Awesome Tray/Dispenser + gives all a piece of Watermelon as auto-attachment by touch. Lovely Design full of cute Sunflowers, in Center the Pieces of Watermelon & little Bee with flapping Wings on/off by touch

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Post July 14

NEW  ~  "CJ Pond Lotus Light 2er Set with Dandelion"
2 diff. Pond Lotus Lights in 2er Set/Box. Why Pond? Well, you can set this Dandelion in Center of the Stone Lotus in a Pond, in your Water at home + enjoy the lovely flair. 2nd comes with flying Seeds
get here "CJ Pond Lotus Light 2er Set with Dandelion" in my Store at MP